Aldabra giant tortoises

Aldabra giant tortoises

July 28th, 29th and August 22nd, 23rd 

Aldabra giant tortoises

£2 additional fee  

Please simply book a farm slot online (1 slot per group of 1-6) 

Over the summer, I will be attending Church Farm with a group of my aldabra giant tortoises.

Its our first time at the farm,  so please come along to meet and greet these friendly and personable animals and learn all about them!I started as a tortoise keeper at the age of 4 and they have been a huge part of my life ever since.

I first saw giant tortoises at Chester zoo when I was about 8 and I knew from that day that having a group of my own giants was my aim in life. . . . 40 years later, with lots of hard work , I have a large group of aldabra giants and 7 other species of tortoises. They love visitors to give them fuss and attention and are very friendly and interactive.

Giant tortoises are vulnerable to extinction, so any research work and breeding programs are vital for us to try to protect them as a species for the future. My guys are trying to play their part to help to conserve giant tortoises and are part of different studies. As such, education and raising awareness is something we encourage , so coming out to events benefits the tortoises as much as it interests the public.

I have no doubt they will love munching the grass and enjoy meeting visitors . . . And hopefully some sunny weather! Please come along and say hello to Samson and his friends.